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Gwen & Dave
Gwen and Dave the Animation Short
Autodesk, in association with Hatch Studios and PEN Productions created this short film for 2012. Brian Lemay worked with PEN Productions and Paul Neale to design the character concepts for Autodesk. The short film was created by Hatch Studios of Toronto Canada with the leader ship and creative genious of Richard Rosenman. Character rigging and systems were created by Paul Neale.

3DS Max was used as the main 3D animation package for modeling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering was performed in Mental Ray.

The Character Rigging method is custom rigs using a blended Morph-Bone-Morph Facial system developed at PEN Productions. Character tools for the artists such as Pose Saver were added for fast and easy access to needed poses.

Special thanks goes to Shawn Hendriks of Autodesk who headed up the project. As always it was great working with him.

  • Director: Richard Rosenman
  • Executive Producer: Randi Yaffa
  • Producer: Shawn Hendriks, Holly Nichols, Christina Lord
  • 2D Design: Brian Lemay, Chris Cann
  • 3D Modeling: Rowan Simpson, Alex Avdyushin
  • Character Rigging: Paul Neale / PEN Productions
  • 3D Animation: Charlie Diliberto, Kim Leow, Dimos Vrysellas
  • Lighting & rendering: Florin Besleaga, Alex Avdyushin
  • Compositing: Richard Rosenman
  • Music composition, sound edit and mixing: Eric Lemoyne
  • Foley Artist: Alexis Farrand
  • Music Performed by the Early Jazz: Jean-Sebastien Leblanc - clarinet, Mathieu Van Vliet - trombone, Dominic Desjardins - banjo, Olivier Hebert - bass
  • Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.

Production Images:
Custom character rigs were used for the ultimate in flexibility. Animators need un-constrained rigs to allow for posing and animation control.
Pose Saver provides and quick and simple way to setup and store poses for any tracks of animation in a scene. Data is stored locally in the scene and is name independent allowing for changes to take place in a rig without breaking the pose library. You can purchase Pose Saver for your production from our Products Page.
Custom Facial rig developed at PEN Productions uses a Morph-Bone-Morph system that allows for flexibility and easy setup.