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Technical Paper:
5000 FT Games:

5000 Feet required a batch exporting tool that could handle four game platforms without the need for user intervention. The Batch Exporter was created with this in mind. Source and Destination folders could be set and scripts could be run on each of the files as they were processed. This tool could also be used for just batch processing changes to files as the export feature could be turned off. The tool was designed around the game engine from Gamebryo and used it's own export settings dialogs to help set up exports for each of the platforms.

Character rigs were created by PEN Productions in concert with Elliott Interactive that allowed the animators to choose how the rigs would work for any given animation cycle.

Character Rig:

The character rig for a poker game sounds simple enough but we needed a solution that would allow the elbows to be locked to the table as well as the wrists. For this reason an IK/IK/FK solution was set up that enabled the animators to choose which joints were controlled by IK and where the locking would take place.

Batch Processing Tool:

Batch Exporter:

This part of the utility collects all the files and starts the processing.

It took five days to write and error check the code in the batch export tool but it was able to do the work that would take one artist one month to perform just one day.

The export settings dialog is used for setting up the animation and texture export settings. Settings for each platform could be set as well as adjustments to the existing rig.

Character controls handled a simple but effective character mesh.

In Game Images: