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Available Services:
PEN Productions has been in business from early 2002 as an incorporated company and for many years before that as a freelancing source. In the last few years PEN has grown in the scope of services and projects, it can provide to their clients world wide.

In the last several years PEN has worked on multiple TV series, AAA game titles, many TV commercials as well as mechanical animation, and tools for major companies. All of these clients have been repeat clients and have trusted PEN with their most important production needs.

Contact PEN Productions Inc. for more information about what we can do for you and your production needs.

Pipeline Development:
Character & Technical Rigging:
Smooth running and efficient pipe lines can save productions time and money and allow artists to focus on creating the most visually stunning 3D work possible without having to worry about how to keep it organized.

PEN Productions Inc. has organized CG pipelines for Keyframe Digital, Lockheed Martin Aerospace, Studio Liddell, Red Rover Studios and many others.

Many companies are in the position that they need further training for current and new staff that needs to get up to speed on the best methods and practices for using 3DS Max and other applications in production.

We have trained many companies over the years including UBIsoft Vancouver, Rogers Sports Net, Global Television, University of Ulster, and several others. Paul Neale has also been a presenter and guest speaker at four Siggraph master classes and several on floor booths as well as as a master class at GDC.

Training can take several forms, intensive on site for a number of days consecutively, on site spread out over a period of time or we can create customized training material that is delivered in MOV format. In every case the instruction that is delivered is tailored to the clients needs and specific areas of the 3D industry that they are immersed in.

Charges very depending on the number of people that are taking part in the training so please inquire about costs and available times.

Character rigging is one of the specialties of PEN Productions. In this area we can provide you with character rigs that will leave you animators wondering how they ever worked without them. Scripted work flow solutions, custom UI's and controls with the most flexible rigs that you have ever worked with.

Every character rig that we create is custom designed for the wishes of the client. We don't use pre-designed rigs unless they meet every need. Some of the custom features that can be added are Spline IK Spines, Auto Clavicles, Pose Capture and Pose Mirroring, blendable IK/FK on every part of the character and just about any thing else that you can think of.

Props, vehicles and sets also need rigging to achieve great results and we can provide some of the best rigs in these areas. Objects like vehicles can be designed to stick to ground surfaces even if they are not flat, tires can be made to squish on the surface and shocks can be automated to react to the changing ground surface and the velocity of the vehicle.

Modeling & Texturing:
Animation, & Motion Capture:
PEN can provide services in both hard and soft body modeling and texturing. We have handled every thing from game sets to all the characters for a TV series as well as accurate technical models for pre visualization where there is little room for error.

We have worked on sets and characters for TV series, feature films and games using high res, low res and just about anything in between. Sculpting of characters and generation of normal maps is something that we have been handling since its introduction and pride our selves on excellent models that are able to be rigged and deformed to the highest level of standards.

Character animation is where PEN Productions got its start and an area that we still work in to this day. In recent years the usage of motion capture has increased with more affordable hardware and the increased need for realism in games and feature films as well as TV series.
PEN Productions doesn't specialize in traditional effects work like particles but it does work in the areas of hair, cloth feathers and other dynamics. Character dynamics for adding realism and added animation can be built into character setups with controls for refinement. Other solutions need to be handled after animation is complete such as full cloth sims. PEN can model, setup and run these simulations and then send the files back for rendering.