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Track Editor
Track Editor is a fast and simple tool for managing all your animated tracks as well as working with controllers for quick and simple setups in complex rigs and systems.

Track Editor groups tracks together based on the sub anim path found in the track editor. By grouping paths it makes it easy to control many tracks on non-instanced objects, modifiers, transforms, materials and maps as well as custom attributes on any Max object including modifiers and controllers.

Working with animation tracks in 3DS Max while working with complex systems such as character rigs and other time consuming animation projects there is no way to work with and control the values in an easy and effective manner. Track Editor implifies these tasks by grouping tracks together on selected objects and allows for fast access and input to the values. With features like Parameter Wiring and Controller Instancing it is also an excellent tool for technical directors for setup and management.

Feature Videos:

Installation is quick and simple. Once the plugin zip package has been down loaded open it and place the contents of the three folders in their respective locations.

The plugin folder has folder within called penProductions. This folder should be placed in your 3DS Max 20xx plugins folder located in your windows Program folder structure.
eg; "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\plugins"

The userIcons folder contains a folder called TrackEditorIcons and needs to be placed in the Windows User folder system inside the userIcons folder for 3DS Max. eg; "C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\usericons"

The userMacros folder has one .mcr file with in it called "TrackEditorMacros.mcr" and will be placed in the Windows user folder system inside of the userMacros folder for 3DS Max. eg; "C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\usermacros"

Once the files are installed correctly restart 3DS Max.
Add the Track Editor Macro called "Toggle Track Editor" to from the PEN Animation group in the Cutomize/Cutomize User Interface menu to your favorite hot key, menu or tool bar and start Track Editor.

Getting Started:
Track Editor has many advanced features that can be used to tailor the user experience to fit the needs of the individual.

Advanced Filters:
Filtering by Transform, Modifiers, Object, Materials and Maps as well as Custom attributes allows for displaying the tracks by the required category. Filters for Parent Tracks, Animatable Tracks and Animated Tracks allows further culling of unnecessary clutter when doing specific tasks.

Multi Select:
Users can select as many tracks that are shown and scrub or type in values for them either in a relative or absolute way.

Controllers Icons:
Each track is assigned a controller icon to help identify the state or purpose of the track.

Scrub Multiple Values:
Right Click and slide the mouse side to side on a selection of tracks will change the values. Holding CTRL while scrubbing will speed up the value change and holder ALT will slow them down. There are also multiplier values that can be set so further speed up or slow down scrubbing for larger or smaller scenes.

Controllers Grouped by Subanim Structure:
When multiple objects selected tracks from those objects are grouped together based on their subanim structure that is seen in the Dope Sheet. Tracks that have the same named path will show as only one track allowing for changing values on many objects at once.

Dialog Docking:
For convience and conservering screen realestate the dialog can be docked to either the right or left.

Type In Values:
Multiple tracks can be selected at once representing many controllers of many objects and values can be typed in either absolute or relative to their existing values.

Color Coded Controllers:
Controllers are colored based on several factors.
Light Gray: Has controller applied without animation.
Dark Gray: Non-animatable controller or has been locked.
Light Red: Keyed controller and is currently on a key.
Dark Red: Keyed controller and currently not on a key.

Filter Types:
Transforms: Shows transform tracks.
Objects: Shows base object parameters.
Materials and Maps: Shows the material tree on current selection.
Custom Attributes: Shows custom attribures on any Max object that is displayed.

Resizable Dialog:
Dialog can be resized and docked.

Updates / Bug Info:
    V:1.01.00R FREE
  • Track Editor is now free.
  • Corrected Bug when applying or selecting CAT Gizmos
  • Corrected issues when using Animation Layers.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Changes to the licencing system. This could affect current licences, Try reimporting your licence and if that does not work create a new request code and submit it for a new licence file.