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Pose Saver:
Pose Saver:
Pose Saver is now free. Pose Saver is a tool designed for saving poses on any tracks of animation.

Any object can have a Pose Saver applied to it and can control any other tracks of animation on any object including tracks on the object it is applied to. Pose Saver can also be instanced to many objects for easier access during animation.

Pose Saver has a three step process for setting it up. Add Tracks, Create Groups and Create Poses. Tracks are the controllers on objects that you want to be able to store poses for. Groups are selections of those controllers that you can save poses to. A group can store poses for any number of tracks but they tracks must have controllers that are keyable. Setting pose values is a simple as double clicking on a pose or click, hold and drag on a pose.
Pose Saver Menu:
    Menu System
  • Add Tracks: In the Manage group press the ">" button and choose Add Tracks. A trackview pick dialog will open where you can select any tracks that you want to save poses to. Only tracks of selected objects will be displayed. If you want to add tracks of objects that the Pose Saver is not on then it is best to pin the stack on Pose Saver and select the objects that have the tracks to be added. Once you have selected the tracks in the trackview pick dialog choose OK in the trackview pick dialog. Only tracks that can store keys will be added even if other tracks have been selected. Make note that tracks that don't show a controller will not be added. Add controllers to these tracks manually so they can be added to the system.
  • Create Group: Once tracks have been added groups can be created press the ">" button and to open the Create Groups dialog. Select controllers that are displayed in the floating panel, Select a color and type a name into the name field and press the Create button. A new group with the name supplied will show up in the Pose list.
  • Edit Group: From either ">" button or by right clicking on the group header choose Edit Group from the menu. This will open the Create Group dialog and preselect all controllers that are added to the group. Either select more tracks by holding down CTRL and selecting a track or deselecting existing tracks, change the color and name and press the Edit button. The group in the pose menu will display the name and color changes and will now contain the new selection of tracks. Any poses that were stored in the group previous to the changes will be updated. Any new tracks added to the group will be stored in each pose at their current value.

Add Tracks UI:
  • Delete Group: Select any group and choose the Delete Group option from the menu and the group and all of its poses are removed.
  • Open All Gorups: Selecting this option will expand all groups which is the default and show all the poses stored within it.
  • Close All Groups: Will hide all the poses in every group. You can open and close groups individually by double clicking on the group head.
Create Groups UI:
  • Create Pose: Select a group head, type in a name in the name field in the Pose Saver modifier and choose the Create Pose option from the menu. A pose will be added by that name to the selected group. The values of the pose will be the current values of the tracks that are stored in the group.
  • Update Pose: Right click on any pose and choose Update Pose. The values stored in the pose will update to the current values stored group the pose is in.
  • Delete Pose: Select any pose and choose delete pose from the menu and the pose will be removed from the group.
  • Key Group: Key Group sets a key on all tracks that are stored in the pose at their current values.
  • Reset Group: Resets the groups tracks to a value of 0. For point three values [0,0,0] is used and for quaternion values (quat 0 0 0 1) is used. Color values are set to (color 0 0 0).
  • Show No Warnings: This turns off some of the yes/no message boxes that appear when certain options are choosen from the menu. This needs to be set for any unique instance of the Pose Saver modifier.
  • Setting Pose Values: There are two ways to set the pose value to the scene. First you can double click on any one of the poses and second you can click, hold and scrub the pose to get a percentage of the pose added to the current values of the tracks stored in the group. This gives a ramping effect to the pose values.
Versions, Known Bugs and Bug Fixes:
    Known Issues:
  • Max 2011 is causing a known issue with the system where errors are thrown when trying to draw the poses in treeview. It is currently unknown if these issues are with Pose Saver or Max itself. They are not an issue in Max 2012 and have yet to be seen in Max 2010.
  • Names listed in the floating Pose Saver window for each Pose Saver in the scene are taken from the first instance of the node the is on found in the scene. This can be inconsistent at times. Best to keep Pose Saver as a single unique modifier.
  • It is not possible to name two poses the same even if they are in different groups.
Download Latest Build
    Updates and Bug Fixes:
      V: 1.02.00 Current Version:
    • Pose Saver is now free.
    • V: 1.00.03
    • Corrected a bug where errors were thrown if the license system was not pressent when the plugin loaded. This makes it eaiser to have PEN_PoseSaverMod.mse on render nodes without needing the license system installed as well.
    • V: 1.00.02
    • First public release.
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