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Batch It Max:
Batch It Max
Designed for batch processing multiple max file with multiple scripts.
Installation: Unzip package and place the .ms file in stdPlugs/stdScripts, and the .mcr file in ui/macroScripts and restart Max.
Open/Close Batch It Max can be found in the PEN Tools category in the customize dialog.
Purpose: Batch it Max works something like the batch processing in Photo Shop, where you can create a series of actions, in this case a max script, and have it run on multiple files. Batch It Max will load each file, run the script and then save the file.


Scripts Directory: Set the directory were the batch scripts are saved.
Process Directory: Root directory where the Max files to be processed are located.
Overwrite Files on Save: Will force the files that have been processed to be saved over.
Dont Save Files: Will force the saving of files to be disabled. This can be used if the batch processing script will be doing the saving for you.
Save Files To: Directory the Max files will be saved to after processing.
Save Log File: Turns on the writing of which files were processed with which scripts.
Set Log File: Set the path and file name to the log file.
Read Log File: Opens the log file in a Max script window for reading.
Select Batch Scripts to Run: Select one of multiple Max scripts to run. The scripts will be run in order that they show up in the list. If you want to run scripts in a specific order it is best to set up a script that uses FileIn to run each of the scripts that you need.
Search By File Name: Type in a name to search for in the Max Files To Process list. Any files containing the string that is entered will be selected for batch processing.
Get Files: Collects all the files in the Process Directory field and displays them in the Max Files to Process list.
Recurse: Forces all Max files that are in sub directories of the Process Directory to collected.
Select All: Selects all Max files in the list.
Deselect All : Deselects all the files in the list.
Process: Starts the batch process running.
Close: Closes Batch It Max.
Select Max Files to Process: List of all the collected files that can be processed. Only the selected files in the list will be processed.