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PEN Active Transform Value Editor:
This tool is designed to support the Transform Type In tool. The TTI dialog doesn't reflect the values of a given animation layer or the active controller in a list controller. These are the values that animators usualy are interested in. For this reason this tool doesn't show values in World, Parent or other Refernece Corrdinate systems. It will only give the values of the active controller and thier tracks which is the same as Local or Gimble.

Download: PEN_AnimationTools.mzp
Installation: Download PEN_AnimationTools.mzp and drag and drop to a Max viewport. This will install all the nessesary scripts. The tool will be found in the PEN Animation category in the Customize/Customize User Interface dialog in max. Add the tool to your favorit quad menu, hot key or menu to launch the tool.

Mode: Lists the transform that is currently being displayed. This will corrispond with the current transform mode that you are working in. For rotations it will show if the values are that of an Euler XYZ controller or if they have been converted from a TCB controller to EulerAngles.

Absolute: Current values in the active list or animation layer.

Offset: Always reads the value of 0,0,0 and can be used to offset the absolute value by any given amount.

Keying: Will set keys or reset the values to 0,0,0 for the currently active controller or layer for the current transform mode only.

Works with mulitple selected objects. If the values of all the selected objects are not the same the Absolute value fields will be blank. If all the values are the same it will show the current value. This doesn't require that the same controller in a list or animation layer be active. It will always show the values for the currently active controllers.