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Master Classes
Paul Neale
Paul Neale has been internationally known in the 3D Animation industry for almost two decades. His extensive involvement as Senior Director of Research and Development and Art Director of 3D has encompassed areas in TV series, feature film, special effects and high-profile games. Paul specializes in character rigging and modeling as well as writing plug-ins and scripted tools for system, software and production needs. Paul is considered to be one of the top character rigger, modeler and technical directors in the 3DS Max community. For ten years, Paul is has been CEO of PEN Productions which has served clients worldwide. These include 2K Marin, Ubisoft, Hatch Studios, Studio Liddell, Pasozebra and many more around the globe. The work of Paul Neale and PEN Productions has been used in feature films, TV series, AAA Game titles, and broadcast television. At PEN Productions, Paul excels as a Max script tools developer, technical director and rigging specialist for clients worldwide. He has also provided 3DS Max training to the effects staff at Walt Disney Canada, where he worked for almost two years. Neale is widely known for his support of the 3DS Max community through teaching, public speaking, production and the creation of training DVD's.†

TRAINING EXPERIENCEÖ In addition to his industry experience, Paul has been an Ontario College Professor for fifteen plus years where he brings his knowledge, professionalism and passion of 3D to his students. From him, students learn what it takes to be the best graphic artist in the industry. In 2008, Paul received Autodesk Masters Award for Contributions to CG Artistry. Paul Neale has been a Presenter for multiple Siggraph Master Classes as well as a Master Class at GDC. He has represented Autodesk as a regular Guest Speaker at trade shows and special events, and a Master Class presenter at two Autodesk Universities and the End User Event (EUE) in Holland along with writing and development of training material for 3D Max Manuals. Paul Neale has trained numerous companies over the years including Walt Disney Studios, UBIsoft, Rogers Sports Net, Global Television Toronto and University of Ulster. Paulís character rigging training DVDís have been an essential industry resource for almost a decade.

About the Master Classes
Each Master Class targets curriculum in an on-line, live environment where students can interact with the teacher; gaining experience and knowledge which otherwise cannot be found with DVD or downloadable content.

Each master class has a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 students. This ensures that each student can present questions and have his or her concerns addressed. The last half hour of each master class is spent taking questions and showing practical examples of the answers to the students.

Classes will be held via Gotomeeting. A minimum of two hours before each class a link to the Gotomeeting will be emailed to each student so please make sure that the email account that you use is up to date.

Classes sell out fast so be sure to reserve your place. All sales of the training classes are final and no refunds will be given unless the minimum student enrolment is not met.

Please visit the web site regularly to see what is being offered and read more information about the classes.

For more information please contact Paul Neale at
PEN Productions is in the Toronto, Canada area and the GMT-5 time zone.

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Intermediate Rigging Disc 1 $29.95 Length: 2 Hours 8 Min

This is the first of a four part series on rigging in 3DS Max. This series was created in Max 6 but many if not all the fundamentals are the same. The first in the series takes you through the basics of setting up a character rig.

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Intermediate Rigging Disc 2 $29.95 Length: 2 Hours 8 Min

This is the second of a four part series on rigging in 3DS Max. This series was created in Max 6 but many if not all the fundamentals are the same. The second in the series takes you through setting up the spine, arms and hands.

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Modeling Rocks Part 1 $5.95 Length: 18 min

This is the first of a three part series that covers the steps needed to create a rock out cropping. This part covers the steps needed to create and sculpt the rocks using Autodesk Mudbox by working with the sculpting tool set and working layers, stamps and stencils.

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Modeling Rocks Part 2 $5.95 Length: 21 min

This is the second of a three part series that covers the steps needed to create a rock out cropping. This part covers the texturing and shader development in Autodesk Mudbox. Viewers will learn how to create shaders and paint textures using layers and projection methods.

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Modeling Rocks Part 3 $5.95 Length: 20 min

This is the third of a three part series that covers the steps needed to create a rock out cropping. This part covers the Building shaders and rendering in 3DS Max using displacement mapping. Mudbox is used for projecting and creating the maps needed for this process.

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Sculpting an Elf's Ear $9.95 Length: 56 min

In this tutorial Paul Neale will demonstrate the tools and steps to sculpt an Elf's Ear in Autodesk Mudbox. Various sculpting tools, work flows and tips will be covered to allow you to work quickly and effectively sculpting any style of model.

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Cost: $95.00 CAN
Mon, March 3rd. 10:00am - 1:00pm (GMT-5)

Level: Beginner
Class Length: 3 Hours

Max Script 101 is aimed at the beginner technical director or artist that is venturing for the first time into the world of writting code. Max Script is a robust scripting language that allows access to 3ds Max in ways that the base package is not capable of. It is an easy and fast way to extend existing tools or to create completely new tools to speed the work flow of your self and other artists in production.

This class will cover the fundamental ideas needed to understand Max Script and the basics of coding by developing a production usable tool. Functions, Arrays, Foreloops and much more will be covered in this 3 hour class. Students will be able to down load the scripts written during the class so use as a guild when building their own.

  • What is it good for
  • Max Script types and installation
  • Variables and Arrays
  • Math Functions
  • Data Types
  • Foreloops
  • Functions
  • Rollouts and UI Items
  • Event Handlers
  • Scene inspection
  • Much more

Product Code: MC1401
Cost: $95.00 CAN
Mon, March 10th. 10:00am - 1:00pm (GMT-5)

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Class Length: 3 Hours

Max Math is designed for technical directors that are looking to expand their abilities when it comes to working with Max inside of 3ds Max. Max Math Master Class will cover many of the needed mathatics that can be used from everything to making a car dirve to converting motion capture marker data directly to control for full body or facial animation.

This class is an intermediate to advanced class that will cover the transform matrix in depth, dot product, working with and nomalizing vectors, how translation, rotation and scale work, script controllers and how to use them for more complex operations as well as much more.

  • Transform Matrix
  • Transform inheritance
  • Euler and Quaternion Rotations
  • Dot Product and Cross Product
  • Normalization
  • Vectors
  • Ray Casting
  • Much more..

Product Code: MC1402
Coming Soon!
Cost: $365.00 CAN
Date to be announced

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Class Length: 12 Hours, 9 Hours Pre-recorded, 3 Hours Live

Chartoon Facial Rigging will be a long format class aimed at the intermediate to advanced character TD and artist looking for more robust and alternate ways of creating facial rigs. The class will walk students through all the steps necessary to create facial rigs using bones and skin, morph targets, hybrid systems as well as varied methods for creating user interfaces for controlling facial systems.

The long format of this class is the first time that it will be done at PEN Productions. The class will span four weeks with three of the weeks presented as three hour downloadable content and the forth week as a three hour live on line class via Goto Meeting. Each week students will be presented with content that covers the topics for the week. Students can then practice the steps provided with either a character of their own or a character that is provided and post them to a private forum for review by Paul Neale.

The forth week will be a live on line class via Goto Meeting where the students can ask questions and share methods they have used to rig their own characters. This class will cover finer points that might not have been included in the downloadable content or needs to further investigation based on the students needs. Ideas into possible new directions or methods will also be discussed.

Course Breakdown:
Subject to change in order.

    Topics Week #1 (Downloadable):
  • Mesh Inspection and preparation
  • Spine IK Setup
  • Squash and Stretch
  • Jaw bone setup
  • Modeling eyes
  • Skinning Base Mesh
  • Weight Tools
  • Paint and Paint Blend Weight Tips

  • Topics Week #2 (Downloadable):
  • FFD's
  • Automatic eye lid - pupil deformation
  • Creating wrap rigs
  • Skin Wrap Modifier
  • Scripting Sticky controls
  • Scripting stretchy bone creation
  • Speed secrets
  • Script Controllers
  • Extracting bone stretch

  • Topics Week #3 (Downloadable):
  • Creating morph targets
  • Morph target mirroring methods
  • Creating compound targets
  • Blending morph targets
  • Creating fix targets
  • Driving blended targets with controls
  • Creating control interfaces
  • Accessing Morpher via Max Script

  • Topics Week #4:
  • Driving wrinkle targets
  • Expose Transform Helper
  • Jiggle Dynamics
  • Using Vertex Colors
  • Modifier stack results
  • Point Cache
  • Question Answer Period
  • Wrap up

Product Code: MCL1401